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Tierra de Biescas is a territory steeped in dark legends, like the myth of St. Elena, Basajaraun, Lord of the Woods, Devil's Bridge or La Artosa meadows, in which the witches would rub henbane in groins and armpits. Within this witchcraft tradition, one of the greatest and most memorable figures was MAUT, who lived in the 16th century and who, so the story goes,  could make the people of this Valley bark like dogs. 

Inspired by this noble figure, musicians coming from the different musical scenes of Aragon - people of electronic music, rock and the purest folk- gather in a new coven with the intention of starting a project and a new road that will merge the Aragonese tradition with the here and now of electronics (drum n bass, minimal, dubstep, ethno techno, house...).

The result is Maut, a new band in the truest sense of the term - Aragonese radical music, neofolk - and one record, 1.0, which makes us turn our eyes to a new landscape, a forest, dense and green, yet to be discovered.

But never at night and alone...

Bruxa - Maut Corazón Claus - Maut



Let Maut play in the dark of the Woods, in the depths of the caves… and be anointed with the nail of the goat after kissing the anus of Beelzebub.

  1. Las Avecillas
  2. Arroyuelos
  3. A Lana del Boc
  4. Ya raya l'alba
  5. L'Aurora
  6. El Cuervo
  7. Licinius Dance
  8. Orosia
  9. Dansa de les Malignes
  10. Capitan Pierretes


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